Gautiers Dance Shoes was born as an ambitious initiative to provide quality products at the best price to a sector usually discriminated in the market: dance shoes. The response is immediate and Gautiers Dance Shoes is experiencing constant growth both in its volume of business and in the loyalty and support of a growing group of clients that become the cornerstone of motivation and the best reference for the brand .

How are Gautiers dance and dance shoes?

Our product stands out for its own qualities: ultra light, flexible footwear with padded sole that facilitates movement but with high resistance materials to provide safety and durability. Aesthetically cared for, with a wide variety of finishes, colors, heels and exclusive details for the most demanding tastes.

How can I get in touch with Gautiers?

Currently the center of operations is located in Madrid where we invite any interested or interested to know us and discover our products in first person. If you want to make an appointment or make any kind of consultation call us without obligation at +34680875787 or write to contacto@gautiers.es.

Our network of partners and distributors is constantly growing throughout the European territory, making our brand a clear reference of how hard and competitive you can bet on a genuine product that enchants dancers, amateurs and professionals from the best manufacturers.