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Purchase conditions:

Our footwear is guaranteed for 3 months due to manufacturing failures or quality defects, in which case the consumer may request the change of the good for another or the return of the money, after cancellation of the purchase. To make the legal guarantee effective, the client must comply with the following requirements:

Send us your request to our mail attaching photos of the product, purchase ticket and your contact information. We will respond to your request informing you if our team determines that a change or repair is appropriate; in this case, you must send the product to Gautiers Madrid, C / Max Aub11, CP: 28003. Madrid.

Replacement: Gautiers will substitute a new product or refund the amount of the product provided that the product has manufacturing faults such as:

  • Part Split plants
  • Plants taken off: more than 10% of the plant taken off.
  • Any type of breakage that the shoe presents before use.

Repair: Gautiers will be able to repair the product as long as it guarantees that it will have an optimal result while preserving the original appearance of the product. The guarantee of repair of the product will be applied in the following chaos:

  • Items purchased within a period of less than 3 months that show a failure of some of their accessories (caps, buckles), without there having been an inappropriate use of the product.
  • Outside outsole at the edges.
  • Uncoating in the joints of the strips where the subsequent repair does not affect the aesthetics of the shoe. The warranty will not be effective when the shoe has already been used and cases such as the following are presented, provided that the defect is not a factory defect:
  • Rubber and wear due to product use
  • Use other than the activity for which it was designed by the manufacturer.
  • Sensations (example: "I do not fit well", "I am uncomfortable" ... etc)
  • Cortes (footwear exposed to sharp elements)
  • Loss of crystals: shoes decorated with crystals are delivered with replacement hotfix crystals because of their own use, friction and movement are likely to replace some of them.
  • Furthermore, it does not cover damages caused as a result of alteration, maintenance or repair carried out by a third party other than Gautiers Dance Shoes or personnel authorized by the brand.

* Policy of changes of shoes outlet:

As we are dealing with outlet items, we can not guarantee stocks for the change of sizes. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange it for another outlet, or you will be given a voucher for the amount of the product.

For products that have been sent by parcel, the cost of return and re-shipment are borne by the customer, or a voucher will be made for the amount of the product.